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Madison Economic Partners was founded in 1988 with the encouragement of Madison County, as Madison Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO). Prior to 1988 there had not been an organized effort in Madison County when it came to economic development. The imputes was the need of High Country Potato to expand their operations. The County (and cities) did not have a mechanism for funding that expansion and so founded MEDCO as an entity that could bond and act as the financial agent for this endeavor. In the early 1990’s MEDCO was asked to lead in the development of the Rexburg Business Park.


From the mid-90’s to 2010 MEDCO was responsible for leading economic development efforts focusing on a series of committees, led by an Executive Director who was employed by MEDCO, and who reported to the board of directors. These committees were: Infrastructure, Business Retention and Expansion, Diversification, Education, Tourism, Agriculture, and Finance.


From 2010 to the present MEPI has sponsored a business competition, the first of its kind in Eastern Idaho, which has awarded over $80,000 to promising businesses over the past 8 years. Other entrepreneurial efforts include Startup Weekend, an internationally recognized business boot camp, held annually.


Madison Economic Partners has reviewed its history, its role in the community as a champion of economic development and has determined that it is time to execute a pivot. MEPI’s mission will continue to “encourage business growth and expansion in Madison County” through “desirable business expansion, retention and attraction and in working as partners to develop a climate conducive to maintaining our quality of life.” What will be changing is where and how MEPI will be directing its efforts.


Madison Economic Partners will continue to assist in business growth and expansion within Madison County by encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship and business vitality in the community, with businesses, and government entities and by coordinating the economic development efforts of its Partners.


MEPI’s focus will now be centered on creating opportunities for:


1.         High-growth Tech and Web-based Startups

2.         Traditional Small Business Startups


In order to achieve these MEPI will devote its time and resources on developing a true business incubation eco-system; strengthen MEPI’s entrepreneurial events; and bring together the economic development efforts of its members. In addition, MEPI will be restructured so that it will be in a position to assist businesses and municipalities in building and/or funding (through acting as the bonding entity) for future development projects.


35 N. 1st E Ste. 5

Rexburg, ID 83440

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